BON TV abandons the broadcasting mode of traditional TV programs

opening global land broadcasting platform time period


Want to watch what you like?

Want to make your own profit from operation?

Want to face your audience directly?

...But how?

Come to BON, be a microdirector!

BON TV provides you with satellite network covering 5 billion of the world's population

80 million oversea cable audience

Career begins here!

A good story would suffice you to immediate access to your own microtelevision station

Letting your voice be heard globally is the sole purpose of BON TV, with its many years of accumulation and hundreds of millions investment dedicated to that end

Time period opening timetable


Airing local night prime time since July

Opening twenty 3-minute time periods with each period worthing more than RMB 500 thousand yuan

As long as your time period remains attractive, the period is yours and you're the microdirector having your own personal TV station

whether it's 3min, 6min, 9min, 12min...

The length of your operation time period determines your level of microdirector.

Who can be the microdirector?


People with production skills of Chinese or English content at home and abroad

Time period content requirements


- English or Chinese

- Unspecified theme and type

(including but not limited to long video, short video, picture+text, AD, microfilm, self media, etc.)

- As long as you think it's the best

How to apply?


Upload one and more videos and submit your time period plan

The more production you submit, the more likely you will be successful



Limited seats available. Apply now!